What to Include on the Perfect CV

Is there a perfect CV?

A Curriculum Vita, shortened to CV or vita, is a short-written summary of a person’s career, qualifications and education.

What to Include on the Perfect CV

As a Recruiter, I encounter numerous applications and CVs for the same job advertisement. It is my job to determine which candidates are suitable for the role, and whether or not the company is the correct match for you.

With unemployment rates at the highest they have been in a decade, there are so many well-qualified, experienced people currently job-hunting. With so much competition, you want to ensure that your CV is interesting, informative and portrays the best, most accurate version of your professional self.

The non-negotiables

These are the essential guidelines to follow when writing a CV.

I have highlighted 4 tips on how to format a standout CV below.

 1.Looks DO Matter

  • It is true what they say about employers scanning CVs in a matter of seconds, first-impressions count and are especially important. Calibri, Times New Roman and Arial are the most popular choices for a CV, and with good reason – they look professional and are available on all Windows devices. Size 12pt font is best, with line spacing set to 1.0 or 1.15 to ensure your CV is easy to read and avoids an over-crowded appearance.

2.Consistency is Key

  •  Double-check that all of your font is the same size, colour and spacing throughout.
  • Another mistake which will deduct points from your CV is inconsistent punctuation. When writing bullet points, either include full-stops at the end of all of your sentences or none of them.
  • TIP: sometimes Microsoft Word automatically creates a hyper-link when you type an email address. Highlight, right click and remove hyperlink. This changes the font back to black and removes the bold and underline.

3.Protect Your Information

  • Your CV should not reveal your age or date of birth. Very simply, this is to protect you from discrimination based on your age.
  • I personally would not recommend putting a photograph of yourself on your CV, again you do not want someone discriminating due to your appearance.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) roughly translates from Latin as “course of life”. It should contain what you have achieved and experienced, not matters of chance such as age, gender, and appearance – unless they are actually relevant.

4.Start from your most recent experience and work back.

  •  Always use reverse chronological order when writing about your Education and Work Experience.
  • As a recruiter, it would not make sense for me to scroll to the bottom of every CV to find the most relevant information, which is why you should include it first!
  • Start with your current or most recent education, including relevant qualifications gained and work your way back.
  • Primary education should not be included on a CV.
  • TIP: If you are still waiting for results, write “results pending”. Example:

Queen’s University Belfast                                        Date: Sept 2018 – Present

Bachelor of Arts with Honours, English Literature. Results Pending May 2021.

  • Likewise, start with your current work experience and move backwards. Include the month and year of when you started working with each company, and your job title.


Part 2 of how to write the Perfect CV will continue in my next blog.

If you need further information or help with your CV, please contact me by emailing cm@cathymoranrecruitment .com

2021 : Keep moving forward

2021 : Keep moving forward

This has certainly been a challenging year for all of us and I’m sure, like me, you are glad to see the end of 2020. Moving into 2021, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine and a chance to start getting back to some normality.

2020 has allowed us to reflect on not only our working life, but our home life too, and what really matters.

The saying “ your health is your wealth” has never been truer than now, without it, we have nothing.

People have lost their jobs, been furloughed since March and some businesses haven’t even opened again. It has been tough for all. Our working life has changed from working from home and zoom meetings throughout the day. Our kitchens and homes have now become our offices.

We started the year not knowing what we were facing and never believed the pandemic would last this long. We have all had to adjust and make changes.

“Keep moving forward” is my new mantra! We now have a chance to plan and set new goals.

On a positive note, there are still job opportunities and companies recruiting, so get yourself job- ready for 2021 by updating your CV and reviewing your skill set and interview techniques.

I would like to thank all my clients and business contacts for their support throughout the year. I am grateful to everyone who believed in me and gave me opportunities to recruit for them.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas with family, and a well-deserved break for those of you with countless zoom/online meetings!

If you need help finding a job or recruiting in 2021, please give me a call 07751856436

Let’s keep moving forward together.

Thanks Cathy







Benefits of Using a Recruiter when Hiring

Benefits of Using a Recruiter when Hiring

The first question to ask yourself is why are there so many Recruiters /Recruitment agencies?

The answer is because ,“ good people are hard to come by,” and sourcing and recruiting them takes time.

Time is something employers don’t have enough of, so using a reputable Recruiter is money well spent.

Working as a Recruiter, I have the challenging and rewarding job of recruiting amazing candidates to work for my clients. I am involved in the entire candidate recruitment process from start to finish  – I love my job and the people I meet along the way.

For an employer, there are quite a few benefits to using a Recruiter to assist in the hiring process. So, what are the main benefits, and as a Recruiter how can I help?


  • In business, we all say there are not enough hours in the day to get our work done, never mind having the added task of recruiting when someone leaves or needing extra help due to expansion. I can free up business owners, hiring managers and HR personnel to focus on other areas of the business.

2.Knowledge of the market

  • As I have been working in recruitment for over 20 years I have a strong understanding of the commercial market. My experience started in Edinburgh working in construction, engineering, sales and marketing before moving back to Northern Ireland to work for Grafton Recruitment. I have worked in all sectors of permanent recruitment from IT/Technical to commercial
  • As a result of this I can identify and connect with a larger group of candidates. This may mean you can get a better match for the position because of the wider applicant pool at my disposal

2.Extended search facility

  • Some candidates are hard to find. I have the connections to be able to find passive candidates (those who were not even looking for a job) who are a perfect match for the position but would otherwise have known about it. Not all applicants respond to job advertisements especially people currently in employment. They may be too busy to search. Remember finding a job is a full-time job in itself and requires time!

4.Attracting Candidates, not just Applicants.

  • You want to attract the right candidate, not just applicants .Using a Recruiter, you’re more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market (both active and passive).  Using a Recruiter like me, as a professional who is experienced, can filter this down for you. A lot of talent attraction is aimed at attracting applicants, whether they are responding to an advert, applying on spec, or through your website. The majority of these people will not be good matches for the role, therefore, a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with them.
  1. Helping with your Brand
  • As a Recruiter my job is not only selling jobs to people but also selling companies to people. To put this another way, I can be your brand ambassador and sell the job and the company to a candidate. Working exclusively with my existing customers allows me to do this.

6.Access to Key Strategic Skills

  • Some employers use Recruiters to gain short term access to key strategic skills, a motivation that has been growing in importance over the last 3 years. These flexible solutions are particularly crucial for a long-term project or initiative.

7.Budget /Resource

  • There are time constraints to performing a thorough search, so it is often easier for companies to use a Recruiter to help manage the process and provide a shortlist of candidates, time equals money. Using a Recruiter will reduce the time and in-house resource that you need to dedicate to recruitment.  It should also lead to a quicker turnaround on filling the vacancies, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of the organisation.

If you need help to in recruiting please contact Cathy on 07751856436



Top tips to ensure your CV gets you hired

How do you ensure your CV gets you hired? Check out these top tips.

Applying for a job is a full-time job in itself, especially now in these challenging times. Your CV needs to stand out for the right reasons.

Whilst working in recruitment for over 20 years, I’ve reviewed countless CVs across all industries, some good, some bad and some woeful! I’m sure most Recruiters would agree

As a Recruiter, my job was to rework the CV. This is turn would help the candidate land that interview, to ultimately land that job. I spent countless hours re formatting CVs and helping candidates just to land that interview.

Recruiters earn money by placing the right people in the right job and the majority of their time reworking CVs is unpaid. They only get paid on success, so a lot of work is required to get that candidate the interview.

It all comes down to one thing, a CV. That’s a Recruiter’s tool for success, and it’s also the candidate’s tool for success. Therefore, the first 30 seconds your CV lands on an employer’s desk it has to stand out.

You can be up against hundreds of people applying for the same role. Therefore, it’s essential your CV stands out. It’s all about nailing the CV, which is the tool designed to get you an interview.

Here are some tips to help your CV stand out:

  1. Don’t make your CV too busy.
  2. Don’t send the same old CV to everyone, customise it for different roles.
  3. Start off strong with a summary profile – summarise your experience and achievements.
  4. Ensure it is in chronological order.
  5. Emphasise results rather than responsibilities.
  6. Use power words.
  7. Back your credentials with examples.
  8. Stop underselling yourself, highlight achievements.
  9. Include extracurricular activities.
  10. Include your LinkedIn profile or portfolio.
  11. Make sure you get someone to proofread it.
  12. Finally, add a cover letter to support your application.

Moving Forward in a Pandemic

We can’t move back, just forward.

However, despite living and working with COVID-19, and facing even more challenging times ahead, we need to stay focused, and we need to believe that things don’t stay the same forever.

Now is the time to refocus and surround yourself with like minded and positive people who share the same beliefs and values.

I have worked in recruitment for over 20 years and have seen these changes before.

Going through the recession in the 90s and the credit crunch in 2009, I had to refocus, adapt and change along with the market. This increased my skills, made me resilient and challenged me to work in sectors I never worked in before.

My career started in recruitment in Edinburgh, specialising in Construction, Technical and Engineering, before moving back home to Derry.

Derry thrived in the shirt and clothing manufacturing business and I was recruiting for that industry, from Sewing Machinists to Pattern Technologists to Designers. Once this declined, we saw the increase of call centres and IT companies. Now we have a diverse range of industries from start-ups, App developers and SaaS. We have new roles that didn’t exist before now e.g.  Digital Marketeers, Internal Sales, and Customer Support as well as specialised Software Developers.

After the credit crunch, social media and digital marketing increased. This was when  I decided to update my skills with my Digital Marketing Diploma to help me move forward.

What you can do now to move forward:

  • Update your CV and your LinkedIn profile so you are job-ready.
  • Get a friend to proofread your CV.
  • Focus on your transferable skills.
  • Always add a covering letter to any application, summarising what you can offer.
  • Practise interviews and don’t be complacent, it’s a competitive market.
  • Understand what competency-based interviewing is and practise questions beforehand.
  • Set up alerts on google for certain types of jobs so you never miss out
  • Look at your skills and ask yourself if you could set up your own online business.
  • If you have a skill, start marketing and selling yourself, there are so many tools to choose from and start off small.
  • Start selling on eBay and progress from there.
  • If you are creative and good at craft, could you design products to sell, starting small?
  • Create your own Business page on Facebook/Instagram and start from there.
  • Join networking groups to promote and sell your product or service.
  • Pay it forward and it will come back to you: we need to help and support each other in these challenging times.

These are some tips on how to refocus, be proactive and keep moving forward.

If your job doesn’t exist, then why not create one yourself?

If you need help recruiting or with your CV/interview skills contact me on 07751856436 or email cm@cathymoranrecruitment.com

New Vacancy for Book Keeper/Accounts Administrator/Accounting Technician,Derry/Londonderry

Bookkeeper/Accounts Technician/Accounts Administrator 20k – 23k Derry

A well-established, successful company are seeking an individual to join their busy accounts team. The ideal candidate will have previous Industry experience of 4 years + within a busy office environment.

You will be self-motivated with the ability to work within a team, with little mentoring and high level of accuracy. You must be reliable, trustworthy and dependable. Overall, you must be a good all-rounder in an accounts/bookkeeping role who can easily adapt

This role would ideally suit a self-motivated and experienced Accounts Administrator or Bookkeeper looking for full time work.

Your role

  • In this role, you will be required to work closely with the Financial Controller on a variety of accounting duties within the group using SAGE line 50
  • The role will see you undertake bank reconciliations, maintain the sales and purchase ledgers for the client whilst bringing the accounts to trial balance.
  • Other duties required are processing and paying invoices, recording receipts and payments and dealing with any accounts queries
  • Processing payroll.
  • Credit control duties
  • Experience of VAT an advantage although not essential.
  • Banking duties and other administrative duties as required
  • Reporting to the Financial Controller
  • Hours of work Monday – Friday, 9am – 5.30pm.


  • At least 4 years’ experience working as a Bookkeeper/Accounts Administration in a busy office environment or an Accounting Technician.
  • Experience of SAGE line 50
  • Good knowledge of bookkeeping procedures
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Strong IT skills using Microsoft word and ability to use excel and spread sheets.
  • Reliable and trustworthy and good timekeeper

Send Your Details Here

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Vacancy for AR Software Engineer/ Developer for Belfast

AR Software Engineer – Competitive salary and benefits + flexible working conditions based in Belfast

This is a brilliant opportunity to join a multi award winning app development agency that has secured App of the Year for the past three years and a UK App Agency of the Year accolade in 2019.

Due to continued growth they are looking for an Augmented Reality Software Engineer to join their close knit and fast paced growing team in the heart of Belfast. They have a fantastic client list who offer extremely exciting projects. They value their staff and their company culture reflects this. They work in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment. Teamwork is key and they consistently work together to deliver projects to the highest standards.

The Role

As a Software Engineer for AR, you will be working at the forefront of building the future of interaction in VR with the team. They are looking for a talented, motivated and dedicated Engineer, passionate about product and working on cutting edge technologies.

The ideal candidate will be energetic, use initiative and be an excellent team-player looking for the opportunity to make a true visual impact.


• The ideal candidate will have strong augmented Reality experience or a strong interest
• JavaScript experience ideally 2 years + required
• Passionate about tech and creativity.
• Collaborate cross functionally with complementary teams of engineers and designers, to build advanced
software for in-field use that will deliver outstanding virtual reality experiences.
• Experience building an Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (HMD) preferred
• Experience of calibration of AR HMD’s preferred
• Knowledge of intrinsic and extrinsic camera calibration advantage
• Bachelor’s in engineering or Computer Science or equivalent experience

The ideal candidate:

• You will have a high level of energy and be enthusiastic in your approach to projects and leading a team
• A team-player who thrives in working collaboratively with fellow Developers and designers
• An excellent communicator who uses initiative and takes a creative approach to problem-solving
• Experience in working to tight deadlines
• Hard-working and committed to producing the highest standard of work at all times
• High levels of organisation and attention to detail.


• Competitive salary
• Work from home opportunities
• Flexitime e.g. 8am-4pm, 10am-6pm etc
• Sociable working hours
• Casual dress
• On-site parking
• Plenty of social events outside the office

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How to stand out when applying for jobs

How to stand out when applying for a job

One of the first things I would recommend is to write a covering letter.

So what’s the importance of a covering letter?

A cover letter can set you apart from other candidates. In today’s competitive job market, it is essential to do just that.

I am seeing more and more CVs sent without a covering letter.
Lazy habits e.g. using iPhone and tablets mean we can just attach and send.
However, no matter how in depth your CV is, it’s not enough to tell your whole story to potential employers.

A well written covering letter will allow you to sell yourself and show your unique personality. It provides an opportunity for you to explain why you are suitable for the job and highlight your skills and relevant experience.

It is essential to read the job description and tailor your covering letter appropriately.

Key points to remember:

• Always proofread your cover letter and don’t forget to spell check it.
• Ask a friend or colleague to check it for you.
• Make sure to keep it professional
• Keep all points relevant to the actual job you are applying for.
• It’s what matter to the employer that’s important and not what matters to you.
• Always send a covering letter even if you are not asked for one.

The impressions employers have when they see CVs with no covering letter.

• Too lazy to write one.
• Just another job to fire a CV to.
• It’s too much effort having to write a covering letter when applying from my phone.
• No real interest in the job (some can’t even remember where they have applied to)
• You have poor written communication skills and can’t write one.
• Any of these assumptions will rule you out.

So, remember if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to write a covering letter.

Need help with your CV and covering letter contact Cathy on cm@cathymoranrecruitment.com

Nurturing your business now is an investment in the future.

Nurturing your business now is an investment in the future.

Thank you to Women in Enterprise for featuring the launch of my new website on their good news stories. Here is the latest update.

Welcome to “Good Stories” where we report on many wonderful projects and things our members are doing right now. This week, we feature Women in Enterprise’s Co-Chair Cathy Moran who has taken advantage of the lockdown to rebrand and launch her new website…
Cathy has been working in recruitment for over twenty years and set up her own company over four years ago, when she launched ‘Land that Job’. Her business has been built on her USP, which is Cathy herself. For this reason, Cathy decided last year to rebrand as Cathy Moran Recruitment, as that was what people know her for.

All of Cathy’s business comes from personal referrals and recommendations due to her successful track record in sourcing candidates and meeting employers’ needs, especially in niche areas. Lockdown forced her to finalise and launch her website including a new blog highlighting current issues in the job market and functional strategies during and post pandemic; before then, she was constantly busy filling jobs, and that was her priority. Some might think that this is not the time to relaunch a recruitment business, but Cathy had
already established her business and clients. The rebrand was simply the last piece of the jigsaw.

Cathy used the services of Women’s in Enterprise’s committee member, Patricia Greene to design her website (https://www.thewebclub.ie). Patricia’s business supports women to succeed online. This is one of the great advantages of being a member of Women in Enterprise – the people we meet, the networking and the collaboration on projects
Cathy believes that time spent nurturing your business now is an investment in the future when better times will return, and we should make the most of the quiet times we are living through to refine our businesses and ensure our offering is as attractive and effective as possible”.

In the market for a new job or need a job filled? Reach Cathy directly at: +44 7751856436 or cm@cathymoranrecruitment.com

Have you got Zoom fatigue?

Have you got Zoom fatigue?

Like countless people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust our life into a virtual space.

From face to face meeting to online zoom meetings things have definitely changed due to Covid 19 and social distancing.
Zoom is so popular. It’s easy to use, reliable and for the vast majority it’s incredibly convenient

So, what do you think of zoom and have you zoom fatigue?

Whether you are the host or participant in a zoom meeting its certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

People are reporting “It’s almost like you’re emoting more because you’re just a little box on a screen and its leaving you feeling more tired.”

Zoom offers a consistent user experience and has excellent tools that are optimised to work reliably. This coupled with the ease of use makes Zoom a reliable video conferencing for all types of businesses.


• Flexibility of working from home or anywhere with internet connection
• Maintain long distance
• Cuts down on travel and meetings in work place
• Able to maintain long distance relationships
• connect work rooms remotely
• Can even generate a sense of togetherness
• work collaboratively i.e. cloud choirs, team projects, social gatherings


• Zoom glare
• Multiple screens
• Forced eye contact
• Less Collaborative
• Interference with noise and sounds so people become muted
• Neurological difficulty with people with autism
• Burnout
• Not ideal for networking- not a good replacement
• The poor, unpredictable video quality, is often blurry and pixelated.
• The audio and video quality can deteriorate to the point of unusability,”

So many people are reporting similar experiences that it’s earned its own slang term, ‘Zoom fatigue,’ though this exhaustion also applies if you’re using Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, or any other video-calling interface.
It’s even possible Zoom fatigue will diminish once people learn to navigate the mental tangle video chatting can cause.
You have the option of turning off your camera if you feel self-conscious or over stimulated. This can save your energy for when you absolutely need to talk or contribute to the group or meeting.

For the future we know we have to change and adapt to this new way of working.
Technology is advancing daily and there’s no doubt Zoom, and other videos conferencing interfaces will perfect the challenges we have.

For further information please contact Cathy on 07751856436 or email cm@cathymoranrecruitment.com