What will work look like in the future?

What will work look like in the future?

The new reality of the coronavirus pandemic means that those looking for a new job, and those who will be forced to look for a new job, may need to change their preconceptions about how we will work and what work will look like in the future. A new consideration of opportunities for remote working will undoubtedly be a part of many job searches in the months to come.

We are in this crisis for the long haul and Cathy Moran Recruitment will be adjusting to the new realities of the coronavirus world with you.

In the past month, we’ve experienced remarkable changes in our working lives. The majority of jobs that can be done from home are based on working from home and working online. People are saying they are busier than they have ever been, with
meetings now being conducted via Zoom, Hangouts and Facetime. This has now become the new normal.

You might ask yourself: What is the new normal?
You will be learning new skills and tackling new challenges you’ve never encountered before.

My own work has changed, and I have been asked to do more video than phone calls. Enquiries are coming in from people looking to update their CVs and find out about new roles despite the current market conditions,
People are still interested in changing jobs, so this won’t change.

The new way of working will change how we interview people: this will be done more via Zoom or Skype, reducing face-to-face contact to ensure we all stay safe. However, social distancing will still be relevant for a considerable time within our workplaces when we do return.

Working from home in some industries e. g. technology will become the norm and employers will be more flexible with this. You will find you have become more comfortable with technology as you were forced to adapt to home working. Your skills will improve.

We have a big challenge ahead of us to get back to work and restart our economy. This “lockdown” has allowed us to evaluate what is important in life, and that is family and friends and health. Of course, our work and finances are important, but in a different way.

We still need to work to generate an income to survive. Equally important advantages of working are that it helps our self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Something good will come of this in how we view how we work.
Your outlook will be something new and different on the other side of this.
Maybe the slower pace of the last number of weeks will allow us to rediscover what we were missing.
You will evaluate your work/life balance more and find you no longer live to work but work to live.

Getting a healthy work/life balance is key and lockdown has given us time to contemplate this.

Getting back into a routine and work is key for all of us for these reasons.

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