Employers: What benefits are you offering to attract and retain top talent in 2023?

Employers: What benefits are you offering to attract and retain top talent in 2023?

Are you struggling to recruit and attract top talent? If so,  what changes have you made since the pandemic?

Recruitment has changed and if employers want to retain and attract top talent, changes need to be made too.

The main factors that influence candidates when changing jobs are the cost-of-living increase and the potential for hybrid working. The employers who will attract top talent are offering these options, as well as better salaries and tangible benefits like healthcare and pensions, and the opportunity to working from home a few days per week.

What are the main work force trends and is your company up to date?

1.Remote working is here to stay and remote jobs are growing. It’s time for employers to invest in remote work technology, make more jobs remote, and expand their hiring pools globally.

2.Skills are becoming more valuable than degrees. The global labour shortage has impacted hiring trends, where companies are prioritising skills over degrees. That’s not to say degrees are not important, however, degrees with a year’s placement are worth their weight in gold. Applicants should consider this when looking at a degree. This will give them an advantage once they graduate.

3.Posting jobs with salaries will attract more talent and eliminate time wasting for both employers and candidates. Money talks and this is the most important thing you should put on your job advert. Advertising a job without a salary is a waste of time. If you were in a job and browsing the market ,would you apply for a job with no salary displayed? Therefore, employers are losing top talent that otherwise would have applied.

4.Feeling valued is one of the reasons candidates look to move jobs. Yes, we are all busy, however, sometimes stopping and giving a bit of recognition is all that is required. To employers it may seem irrelevant, or minor,  but to an employee it can be the difference in staying in their job.

5.Offering a variety of benefits can also attract talent. Standard benefits now can be health care and pension.

  • I have a client who offers free lunch to all staff daily, worth £5, this is a great benefit as we all know the cost of food has increased.
  • Even having flexi- time for when an employee can you start and leave can help, however this depends on the type of your business as not all firms can offer this.
  • One company I worked for gave you your birthday off, or the day off .This was a great perk and they definitely retained staff.
  • Recognising staff who have been loyal to the company for a number of years by increasing holiday entitlement can retain staff. Again, staff need to feel valued.
  • Investing in upskilling and training staff, especially for those staff who want to progress within the company

6.The early bird catches the worm and this couldn’t be truer than in the hiring process. I cannot emphasis the important of making decisions quickly. Indecisiveness will cost you, losing your preferred candidate. It’s a candidates’ market and candidates have more choices than ever. When planning to recruit, plan the length of time you want to conclude the process. Companies can recruit and hire staff within 2 weeks, however that depends on industry and skills shortages, no longer does it need to be 4 weeks or more to recruit.

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