New Year New Career 2023

New Year New Career 2023

As we approach the end of 2022, it has given us time to reflect on the past year.

One thing we all do is make New Year’s resolutions. This could be to lose weight or get fitter or change jobs. There is no better time than January to start looking for a new job, it’s a fresh start plus the start of annual holidays too!

People are more motivated in January.

The pandemic and cost of living crisis has given people time for self-reflection and time to realise they need more money, changing jobs is the only way to get it. Change is good so embrace it!

The good news is, there are more jobs to choose from, it’s a candidate’s market.

However, as most employers are now back working in the office there are less employers offering working from home. Most employers will expect you to work in the office at least a few days per week. You will find larger companies are the ones offering more flexible working from home. Mindsets need to change.

Candidates now have more choice, so if you are an employer reading this and your staff want more money. I would recommend giving it to them, if you financially can afford it and value them, otherwise they will only leave and it will cost you more to replace them.

Candidates have more choice now and if you are not offering or paying a competitive rate you will lose good staff.

Remember good staff are hard to come by!

If you are looking for a new job in 2023 please contact me by email in strictest confidence.

or if you are an Employer struggling to recruit the right person, please email me on for more information.

Happy New Year for 2023 wishing you all good health and happiness.