Top 5 Tips to succeed in recruiting, during and post the pandemic

Top 5 Tips to succeed in recruiting, during and post the pandemic

Check out my recent presentation for Enterprise week 2021 under “HR Top Tips: Surviving a Pandemic”

To recap on top 5 tips to succeed

1.Appearances count

  • Check out your CV and covering letter if you are constantly finding you are not getting interviews have a look at it and make changes.
  • Shop front and website, does it need a new look, is it up to date.
  • Does your LinkedIn profile have a picture, or can you add new skills recently learnt to it?


  • Do you need to update your skills to secure the job you want?
  • Learn new skills e.g., software developers/IT Technologists using Coursera and Udacity to get micro credentials and certificates- use this for gaps that you may be lacking in.
  • Digital marketing certificates /diplomas through the CIM, check out these courses.
  • Nano degrees- to build up to a degree in bits and pieces.
  • Use of online meeting e.g. Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google meet, add these to your CV and do not assume companies know you can use it.


  • Remember the early bird catches the worm and same applies when applying for jobs or hiring staff.
  • For candidates, always take the 1stavailable interview opportunity as things can change.
  • For companies, start interviewing early taking into account, people have notice periods, don’t delay on making offers and don’t make assumptions.

 4.Keeping your brand alive

  • Use your website to update and refresh your brand

5.Creating your own job

  • Look at what skills you have and all the various social media platforms you can use.
  • Could you create your own job?

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