Top jobs in demand

We’re living in unusual times and our health and lives have been affected with the full force of the pandemic.
As a result there has been a massive shift in not only where we work, but how we work.

People are now having to work from home. For some, remote working can have its advantages, as they don’t have the commute to work with extra travel expenses. For parents working from home with children this can be a challenge as they are forced to juggle home and work life.

Covid-19 has resulted in many being out of work, whether temporarily or permanently. Some have been furloughed, not knowing what the future ahead will be.
The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ is true. Now is the time for us all to be proactive and either create a job for ourselves using our skills or look at what jobs are now in demand. Here are some of them.

1.Healthcare Workers

These are our frontline workers. Doctors, Nurses, Carers and all healthcare professionals and medical staff have never been in demand as much as now. They face a challenging road ahead. This is a true vocation and people who have retired have even returned to the frontline to help. Even the Taoiseach in Ireland, Leo Varadkar, has re-registered as a medical practitioner in an effort to help out in the coronavirus crisis.

2.IT/ Software Developers and Tech Support Roles

Where would we be without the internet and our broadband in the midst of this lockdown? Recently SKY and Virgin’s broadband went down and it was as if the whole world stopped. These services are crucial for people who work from home. They need to access files and data and connect with co-workers.
Entertaining children is a challenge whether it’s using apps, YouTube, Netflix or using a smart TV. Students need to complete coursework and access documents and information. Communicating with family has never been more important, whether it’s on the phone, online or through Zoom or FaceTime. Communication has become a vital lifeline in this lockdown. To say that IT/Software development is even more important is an understatement. Jobs in this area are vital, from tech support to software/app development. Tech professionals are one of the most adaptable to remote working.

3.Grocery, Retailers and Food Sectors

Retail grocery workers are in high demand and one of our frontline workers. There has been an increase in hiring in these areas so if you need work this is an area you could try. Warehouses need to be constantly stocked to meet with demands. Transport and logistics staff are busy making this happen. They are needed to keep food and other essential supplies on our shelves and in our supermarkets, retail and grocery stores.

4.Digital Marketing/Social Media Roles

What better way to highlight your product or service and promote your brand than by using social media and digital marketing? Companies need to communicate with their customers whether that’s online or emailing their current customers who have subscribed, to get their message across.
There has been an increase in demand for these roles as this can be done from a laptop working from home. From online webinars to social media workshops there are numerous online tutorials and courses to choose from. Some of these are free and others are paid for. This is a time to utilise your skills and make a job for yourself or check out who is hiring.

5.Graphic Design

A well-designed logo, website, or banner can stand out in a crowded market. Graphic Designers will be in high demand because communication has become so important for branding, sales, and customer support. A picture speaks a thousand words. Instagram and Infographics have become more and more popular with images and graphics being used to get your message across. Graphic design is a field that helps cut through the noise. If you have a skill in this area make sure you are using it either to help others or get hired.

6. Blogging and Writing

Companies need to have their messages communicated to their customers. One of the best ways for this is using blogs or new content on their website or social media pages. We are all reading more news and want to hear positive good news stories so if you have a skill in this area turn it into a job or get hired.

7. Online Instructor

Schools, colleges and universities are all working online and delivering digital classes. Zoom has become the new norm. If you have ever thought of finding a position with a company that teaches online, now is the time. We are now being forced to work remotely and online so there is a great need for people who understand technology and how to teach in an online setting.

8. Customer Services and Support Roles

Customer service roles are very adaptable to remote working and suitable to do from the comfort of your home. Companies are already creating virtual teams who work at home but handle support calls. Online sales have increased due to stores being closed and the Post Office have reported an increase in delivering parcels, even describing it as busy as Christmas. We rely more on technology. This has led to an increase in demand for customer support professionals.

9. Online Sales
As the high street stores are closed people are buying more online.
Online sales is a category that keeps growing .Those who can work at home and make calls, check-in by email, or use a CMR database will also be in high demand. Companies want to look after their existing customers and this can be done from working at home without constant supervision.